Friday, November 6, 2009

Word Nerd

I have admitted before to being an enormous geek who loves public radio. One of the shows I adore and have always wanted to see live is Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! I was ecstatic when I found out they were coming to the Pasadena Civic Auditorium (a scant five-minute walk from my pad), less so when I saw the ticket prices.

However, I finally broke down last week and bought two tickets, justifying it by calling it my birthday present to myself (which is also how I justified a 90-minute massage on Monday, come to think of it). Fortunately, my favorite person (who I shall simply call GB from here on out), who is always down for anything, was free to join me and excited about it, despite never having heard the show.

The taping was last night and it was AWESOME. Bill Davis, the president of SCPR, welcomed everyone and introduced some public radio luminaries in the crowd, including Tess Vigeland, Alex Cohen, and then...KAI RYSSDAL, THE HOTTEST MAN ON NPR. Yes, I squealed like a lovestruck teenager, much to GB's amusement. Imagine then my excitment when I learned that the guest playing "Not My Job" would be TONY HAWK. Holy crap, it was like a night filled with the sexiest men alive! (That does include GB, who is the only one I was able to bring home with me after the show.)

There's nothing quite like erudite, literate humor, though to my delight, last night's taping also included more slightly dirty double entendres than I recall in previous shows. (And Peter Sagal actually said "boobs" which made me giggle like a ten-year-old boy.) And then at the end everyone got a free ChicoBag from Subaru! See, it totally pays to be a nerd.

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  1. Ok you won. Your taping kicked mine in the preverbial ass...

    Kai Ryssdal was in the crowd!? OMG I just died.

    Glad you got to see WWDTM in the flesh :D


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