Monday, November 2, 2009

Party Like It's Your Birthday

Dear God, I have never had a birthday quite so good as this one. I have already been warned it's all downhill from here.

The weekend started with a surprise date on Friday night. (SHOCKING NOTE: The location of the date was the surprise, and not the fact that I actually had a date. [W00t!]) I swooned when I learned where we were heading - the Culture Clash 25th Anniversary which was one of the coolest things EVER, and my wonderful date even laughed at all the jokes that were in Spanish despite not understanding what the hell was being said. Truly, he is the awesome. We also had super-delicious tacos from the Border Grill truck before the show - and OMFG, that is some good shit they sell. Expensive, but delicious! Much like me. I highly recommend the cilantro chicken taco, crispy Baja fish taco (holy crap, so yummy!), poblano quesadilla (MINDBLOWINGLY GOOD), and the churro bites. The only thing I wasn't crazy about (besides the line) was the lemonade, which was too sweet.

Saturday we went on a hike at Chantry Flat down to Sturtevant Falls and finished off with a delicious beer at Adams' Pack Station before parting ways for a couple of hours (he went riding; I saw The Time Traveler's Wife at the Academy). We came back together for dinner at one of my favorite places, Tarantino's here in Pasadena.

Sunday - the big day, aka Vice Girl's birthday - was pre-planned; we went to Disneyland! I used my free birthday pass and a $50 gift card, so it was fairly reasonable in terms of cost. PLUS! Thanks to the fabulous Corazon, I knew that we could get free! parking! because it was my birthday! FREE! That's my favorite price! We had so much fun. Space Mountain is still the BEST RIDE EVER but Splash Mountain remains a close second. The Haunted Mansion also remains the best place in the park to cop a feel. (Or have a feel copped, as the case may be.) We rounded out the day with dinner at Pizzeria Mozza. Ohhh, butterscotch budino!

Finally, I took the day off today and though I spent half the day waiting for a furniture delivery, I was able to spend an hour with my favorite person* and then finish off my four-day extravaganza with an amazing massage from Kevin at AcuSpa. And now, I'm heading to bed. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

* I think he needs a blog nickname. I can't just keep calling him "my date" and "my favorite person", can I? And I don't really think it's fair to just put his name up on here. Suggestions are welcome.


  1. Happy, happy, kiddo!

    did you see the goofy winky elf e-card on mah blog? :)

  2. You can't call your date, "My favorite person," cause I thought that was me. Of course, there may be others who feel the same, but I called dibs first. You can nickname your date, "Bubba."

  3. I suggest calling him "8 sacks of shit" - that's what I call him.


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