Monday, November 16, 2009

I Love Lucy

I believe I already mentioned that I had the best birthday EVER (I feel oddly like Kanye typing that) but I did not mention that part of that best-ness was related to GB's gift to me, which I only just received last week.


Yes, I already had a bike, Chuck, who was very good at getting me where I wanted to go, despite being a little cheapy Target bike. But GB firmly believed that I'd be happier with a bike better suited to the type of riding I like to do (road biking, mostly at night) and so for my birthday, he wrapped up a Trek catalog and told me to pick one. Pretty damn awesome, no?

We went shopping a week or so ago to check out sizing and styles; I was pretty sure I wanted a hybrid. I ended up with a Trek 7.5FX that I have named Lucy. She's red, she weighs practically nothing, and she rides like a dream. Also she has a bell! I've already ridden 40 miles in the less than five days I've owned her. I adore Chuck, and he'll always be the bike that first made me really enjoy riding, but wow, I love Lucy.


  1. Well we need to plan a bike date. Lucy can meet Delilah ( ) and you can teach me the rules of the biking road :)

  2. ohhhh, she's BEAUTIFUL! lucy would love to meet her! we totally need to set up a playdate. :)))) where should we meet?


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